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2014-2015 Barbra Parker, Fayette County Trustee
2012-2013 Donna Simpson, Bradley County Clerk
2011-2012 Tom 'T.J.' Jones, Dyer County Circuit Court Clerk
2010-2011 Charlie Cardwell, Davidson County Trustee
2009-2010 Pam Whitaker, Sumner County Register of Deeds
2008-2009 Pam Deen, Tipton County Clerk
2007-2008 Shirley Graham, Hawkins County Clerk & Master
2006-2007 Bill Brittain, Hamblen County Trustee
2005-2006 Pam Hurst, Hamilton County Register
2004-2005 Jerry Bomar, Henry County Clerk
2003-2004 Tommy Higdon, Marshall County Clerk & Master
2002-2003 William "Sonny" Howse, Haywood County Trustee
2001-2002 Shirley T. Field, Humphreys County Register of Deeds
2000-2001 W.F. "Bill" Knowles, Hamilton County Clerk
1999-2000 Marion Nuckolls, Hardeman County Clerk & Master
1998-1999 Janet S. Lindsay, Lincoln County Trustee
1997-1998 Rick Meredeth, Anderson County Register of Deeds
1996-1997 Bill Kemp, Sumner Co. Clerk
1995-1996 Martha Phillips, Knox Co. Criminal Court Clerk
1994-1995 Bill Nobles, Hamilton Co. Trustee
1993-1994 Doyle Arp, Loudon Co. Assessor of Property
1992-1993 Johnny Holder, Carter Co. Register of Deeds
1991-1992 Wilburn Beck, Hamblen Co. Clerk
1990-1991 Mahailiah Hughes,Sumner Co. Circuit Court Clerk
1989-1990 "H.F. "Herb" Garner, Henderson Co. Trustee
1988-1989 Howard L. Loveday, Blount Co. Register of Deeds
1987-1988 Tommy Marlin, Sumner Co. Clerk
1985-1986 J.A. "Bubba" Blackwell, Shelby Co. Criminal Court Clerk
1984-1985 Lille Buford, Williamson Co.Trustee
1983-1984 Steve Hall, Knox Co. Register of Deeds
1982-1983 Claud Ramsey, Hamilton Co. Assessor of Property
1981-1982 Roy Phillips, Washington Co. Court Clerk
1980-1981 Enoch B. Simerly, Blount Co. Circuit Court Clerk
1979-1980 Patsy Stair-Lomeli, Anderson Co. Trustee
1978-1979 Felix Z. Wilson, Davidson Co. Register of Deeds
1977-1978 Guy Blackwell, Washington Co. Assessor of Property
1976-1977 John Purdy, Anderson Co. Court Clerk
1975-1976 Raymond L. Barrett, Davidson Co. Clerk & Master
1974-1975 Riley Garner, Shelby Co. Trustee
1972-1973 Charles Harrison, Montgomery Co. Register of Deeds
1971-1972 Raymon Due, Maury Co. Court Clerk
1970-1971 Alex Darnell, Montgomery Co. Clerk & Master
1969-1970 Robert Broome, Knox Co. Trustee



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